27 December 2012 @ 06:04 am
Until You Learn About Time Agent History  

Courses at the Academy: geography, technology, charm, history, English, culture, foreign languages, combat training, science (chemistry, biology, anatomy/physiology, physics), torture, maths, literature, psychology, basic survival, sex ed, government


Academy in general: seen as heroes, was a prestigious organisation that does what others cannot.


Academy life: trainees live in dorms, two to a dorm. Single beds. Full-fledged agents live off-site, but in Agency-owned apartments. Living quarters were built well, but by the end of the agency they’d begun to be less well-kept and started falling apart


Other things for general musing: “captain” could be a title earned based on merit through the agency, but it’s not an easy thing to achieve, and probably only jack actually got the title that way. That or it’s from when he was working with the RAF in ww2, who knows, maybe it’s a combination of the two. either way, by the time the agency was shut down, they probably weren’t awarding it anymore.


Time agents didn’t go by their real names. They either adopted them from other people they’d encountered, or created them all on their own, and changed them based on personal need. This explains why jack and john needed to introduce themselves in kkbb; the last time they saw each other they probably went by different names, and so this was a way of informing the other of what they were going by currently


Story to go with the German army uniform:  it's a border patrol-type coat for the Berlin wall, I'm guessing the incident in which he obtained it happened in 1950, about 4 years after the force was created.  The group was called "Grentztruppen der DDR", or  "Border troops of the German Democratic Republic", in English.  They were responsible for guarding the Berlin Wall and making sure no-one crossed the border between East and West Germany.  They had a bit of a reputation for killing /waaaay/ more people than they really needed to, since soldiers got rewarded based on how many people they'd prevented from crossing.  And shoot-on-sight was pretty much the order.  So hey, why not just pad the numbers a little so you can get that gold watch...  Just John's kind of party, right?


So…it was while he and Jack were still partners, probably….after the Time Loop Incident.  Maybe like the first mission after John was off probation for it or something.  Anyway.  They got sent to Germany in 1950 because someone had contacted the Time Agency for a job.  There weren't /just/ Westerners trying to get across into East Germany, it seems they had a bit of a problem with out-of-towners.  /Way/ out-of-towners.  As in, Sanguivores.  Which was just freaking the general population out to no end because they thought they were being overrun by vampires.  Which pissed local government off, because they were trying to /quash/ such backwards ideas.  So the Agency was contacted, and Jack and John were sent to take care of it.  And take care of it they did.  Quite efficiently, too.


How does the Border Troops come into this?  Well, it seemed a good cover.  Something's trying to get over the wall, what better way to combat it than to join a group that was /already/ paid to keep people from getting over the wall?  Of course…they had this brilliant idea /after/ John had already killed someone for their coat (hey, what can I say, the man has a thing for period coats and not much patience to obtain one in a legal fashion).  So after being berated by Jack for killing someone who they /weren't/ being paid to kill…he raised the idea that it was actually a halfway decent cover (because he's actually much smarter than he looks).  So Jack enlisted, John pretended to be the guy he'd killed the coat for (I'm thinking something like Hanz or Fritz, just because…how much more German can you get, really?) , and they did their job.  And it was awesome.   And they got paid by /two/ institutions for killing people.  Wins all around, really.


Where they were stationed, since I'm a stickler for details: Grenzkommando Sud (border command south), headquarters in Erfurt, guarded the southern sector of the wall.  They joined Grenzregiment 3 (that's right, I picked one at random).


So John wore the jacket for a /while/.  It's a nice coat, there's absolutely no reason not to.  Until Jack left, anyway, and then…well why be reminded of Jack?  He got it the /first mission/ after the initial debacle, had some pretty damn good times with Jack in that jacket…like he really wants to be reminded.  So he probably threw it away, fished it out, threw it away again, fished it out /again/…and then it somehow got lost in the shuffle after he got the new one.


And he lost the second katana while they were stationed in East Germany.  He's not sure where or how, he was probably high out of his mind at the time since that's the /only/ explanation for why he would be down a weapon, but he's fairly pissed about it.  Even now.  He's absolutely convinced it was stolen by a gargoyle and now hates the things like it's his job as a result…but that could just be the drugs talking.