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Miscellaneous Varyingly Important Details


Home Century:  51st.


Hometown:  Drexton, Devora  (aka London, England in 21st)


Stuff about Devora:  Used to be known as England up until the 48th century, when it was invaded by the Devorans.   Not much changed aside from the name, although that could be just because of the widespread poverty and general bad conditions /before/ they came, and things didn't really change for them after, so they didn't really notice.  Basically, if you're wondering what it was like, look at Victorian London and you'll get a clue.


General 51st Century Information:  Earth's in the grips of an Ice Age

Sun starts to go supernova, the wealthy begin to leave Earth for other colonies.

As a result, the remaining groups have broken apart into millions of Nation-States, leading to more chaos and anarchy

Humanity first develops Time Travel, Time Agency created as a result to regulate it (end of 51st century).

Icelandic Alliance fell in early 51st century, Supreme Alliance rose to replace it, committed a boatload of horrible, horrible things, brought down by the Filipino Army in the Battle of Reyjnavik (still early)

Magnus Greel - Butcher of Brisbane, killed 100000 people


Fun John Idiosyncrasies: 

No gag reflex.  Comes of his lifestyle before the Agency.  …Yes, he was a whore.  Not for the whole time, but for part of it, yes.  Hey, it was easy money and he was good at it, don't judge.  He was /also/ employed variously as a bounty hunter, a thief, and…something else I don't remember right now.


  Been in multiple rehabs multiple times (drink, drugs, sex, murder).  All have failed miserably.


  Hates blood.  No, really.  After the whole mom murdered in front of him thing, he kinda has this thing against other people's blood.  Has no problem with his own, but other people's kiiiinda makes him freak out a little.  Which…normally would result in him killing /more/ people, which would only make it worse…you see his problem.  If it's not too bad he just gets a little twitchy, but if you were to pull a Carrie on him…it would be /bad/.


John should never be completely sober.  A sober John is a /cranky/ John.  As in mean, bitter, spiteful, /really/ no fun to be around.  Side effect of superiour genetics and a looooong history of alcohol and drug abuse.  Won't /kill/ him, you just reeeeeally don't want to be around him when it happens.


John doesn't remember his real name.  It's been so long since he's used it that if you were to find it out and call him by it, he wouldn't answer because he wouldn't know that he should.  He does however remember a good 80% of the names he's gone by in the past.


Never knew his father.  He left when he was reeeeeally small, so he doesn't even really remember him.  Not that he cares to think back that far anyway.


Is part Deltan.  It comes from his father's side.  John's not /really/ aware of this, but on rare occasion people will kinda go crazy on him after sex.  Like, legitimately certifiable.  Side effect of genetics, he /really/ has no control over it.


Hates gargoyles.  It's.....a long story.


Favourite soap opera?  The Young and the Restless.  He also likes Oprah.


Ship's name is Jessica.  She's a Sylvian XJ-934, he won her off a junkie in a card game (yes, he cheated).

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